Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Wild Flower

My first book is now on Kindle! 
Go to Amazon to look for my new Amish Book.

Jane Abigail Reeves is Little Wild Flower. Raised in the city; Jane and her family move to a farmhouse in a rural Amish community in Indiana as a respite for her alcoholic mother. When she stumbles upon her handsome Amish neighbor, Elijah, she sets out to teach him her big city ways, while he introduces her to the quiet life of the Amish. 
Attempting to convert him to her hippie lifestyle, she finds herself drawn to his ways, unable to deny her love for him. 
Set in the 1970’s, Jane’s story is full of cultural obstacles she must overcome in order to put an end to the dysfunction of her family’s past. 
Can a hippie-chick like Jane find friendship and more with an Amish man, despite their cultural differences?

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