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Christian Romance Books

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Juliet, a former bridezilla, is now a wedding planner, and determined to change every bridezilla. 
That is, until she meets Lexie, and her past collides with Lexie's future.
Don't miss the BONUS book, Confessions of a Former Bridezilla, 
a companion book to be read alongside this one.

New Release Christian Romance

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Cinderella may have met her Prince Charming at the Ball, but Mia was no Cinderella, 
and Chad was no Prince Charming. 

Mia Fletcher is a mousy, nerdy, school teacher who is once again dateless for Valentine's Day. At the prompting from her co-worker, she agrees to ditch her cliché life, put on a party dress, and head for the Valentine Blind-Date Ball at the country club.
What she didn't agree to when she signed on was meeting the very infuriating Chad Belmont. 

Willing to do anything to get out of a family obligation, Chad tells his friend he plans to marry the next woman he meets, and his friend takes him up on that dare until a simply party-game glitch gives them both more than they bargained for.

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