Monday, August 28, 2017


And maybe a KINDLE FIRE!

Amish Mystery Suspense

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1. The Amish Girl
2. Sins of the Father
3. Blood Brothers
4. Bless the Child 

ONE: At the tender age of ten, Amelia is orphaned when her parents are murdered because of a crime they were accused of committing during their rumspringa. When she returns to her childhood home, strange and frightening events warn that she will soon become a victim of the same fate if she is unsuccessful in solving the crime even the authorities couldn't solve. The secret she uncovers beneath the decaying floorboards of her dilapidated home makes her wish she'd never returned... and her parents are too dead to give her an explanation. 

TWO: SINS OF THE FATHER: When Kyle finds a barely-conscious woman on Zeb Yoder's property, he wonders if she was trying to break into the barn, or if she was running from it.
When he begins to unravel the mystery of her identity, the secrets are a little too close to home; secrets someone will kill to keep them secret.
Will Kyle find out who she is before it's too late for both of them? Or are they in danger of being murdered by someone they both know?

THREE: Seth and Kyle grew up believing they were cousins and had made a blood-brother pact when they were young. But with that pact came responsibility. After years of not seeing each other, Kyle must go in search of Seth to make good on that pact. But does that pact involve murder?
How many more secrets will they find buried on Old Man Yoder’s farm?

FOUR: When Amelia interrupts a man in the process of kidnapping her infant son, Gabriel, she feels her only choice is to bargain with the man and convince him to take her too. Being held for ransom by a man who thinks there is still money left from the robbery her parent’s committed almost twenty years ago, she begins to realize there may have been more to that crime than she’s originally thought. In a race to get herself and her son rescued, Amelia puts coded messages in the ransom letters the man forces her to write. Will her husband and family be able to decode her pleas for her life before it’s too late?
99 cents on Kindle CLICK HERE  99 cents on Kindle CLICK HERE  

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